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Let's talk about what Mini Sessions are and how to prepare for yours!

Mini sessions are smaller session than a regular full length one.

What is consider a mini session?, In my case my mini sessions last from 10 to 15 minutes.

Why do we have mini sessions?, They are made to be fast and in my case themed. Normally mini sessions involve children so working fast with them makes them to have a great experience, also mini sessions are priced lower than full length ones and you get to experience how I work as a photographer so if you schedule a family session you already know how the workflow is and how my interaction is with you and your children.

How to prepare for it? The same way you would do with a regular session ( I have a blog post in in this blog where I tell you how to prepare),if it has a theme, let’s say Easter, make sure to dress with colors appropriately for the season.

What kind of photos would be taken?

I like to take candid and posed shots during this small sessions so that you can have the best of both worlds I always love for kids to be themselves but I also know moms and grandmas want Images they can order canvas from.

Should I be nervous about my session? No not at all! Be excited yes! But not nervous, I will make sure you are treated amazingly and I will

make you feel comfortable! Just come and enjoy the time!

North Dakota Family Photographer

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