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Capturing Life's Journey Through the Lens: A Testimonial from Our Monthly Contest Winner

Hello, dear readers!

We are thrilled to share the heartfelt words of our latest monthly contest winner!

Julia and Paul, they are originally from Ukraine and have been in North Dakota since 2015. Julia took the time to tell us a little about their story and also talks about how we meet.

A Snapshot of Northern Dakota, Summer 2015

The journey began in the summer of 2015 when our contest winner arrived in Northern Dakota. What followed was a love affair with the quaint town of Dickinson, where they discovered the joys of family, friends, and a welcoming community.

Meeting Karolina: A Photographer's Impact

"We meet with Karolina when our oldest was 18 months and since then we love doing sessions with her.

It’s so nice to go back through pictures and see all our family moments."

Beyond the Lens: Active Living and Shared Adventures

As a family committed to staying active, our winners embraced all seasons. Winter brought the thrill of skiing, while summer saw them exploring water spots and camping grounds. Through Karolina's lens, these adventures became timeless memories, encapsulating the spirit of their shared experiences.

"Karolina was also there with us (for our) Maternity, newborns, kids birthdays, Christmas..."

A Reflection on Family Moments

One of the most touching aspects of the testimonial is the acknowledgment of the joy that comes from revisiting these captured moments. The ability to relive family memories through photographs became a cherished ritual, highlighting the power of photography to evoke emotions and weave a tapestry of stories.

In conclusion, our monthly contest winner's testimonial beautifully encapsulates the transformative power of photography and the role a skilled photographer can play in shaping and preserving family memories. It's a reminder that beyond the clicks of the camera, there lies a deeper connection between the artist and the subjects.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to our winner and gratitude to Julia for sharing about her journey with us. Here's to more shared moments, captured and cherished for years to come!

Stay tuned for the next chapter in our photography journey.

Karolina Lym Dickinson North Dakota family photographer.

We also serve Willinston ND, Watford City ND, Bismack ND

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