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Is my baby too old for newborn pictures?

We all know that with this pandemic sadly lots of moms were not able to have their newborn photos taken.

While we as professionals prefer babies to be from 3 to 15 days old to take these images, a 2 month old is not too big for newborn photos in our studio! Say what??

Yes, the difference in between a 15 day old baby and a 2 months is that now your baby wakes up more, and is not as flexible as when she or he was fresh off the womb. But guess what? We have options and techniques that allowes us to still wrap a baby and sooth so that we can pose in a safe way and you don't have to miss these special photos!

In my personal opinion is better get pictures taken than let years go by and wish you did!

With my first born I didn't even know of Newborn Photography, when I discovered (all of this before I became a photographer) I wished I have paid a professional to take them for me.

But let me show you what those images can look like! Below you can see images of a 2 month of baby that we photograph at our studio recently!

Karolina Lym Dickinson ND Newborn Photographer.

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