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How to Prepare your Child for the Photo Session

Dickinson North Dakota Lifestyle Photographer


My first recommendation is that you make sure when we schedule the session that is not going to be a time where you child will be super tired, like nap-time or bedtime, or hungry.

You can bring any toys or special object that will bring your little one comfort!

Provide snacks before time and during the session if needed, we can also take short brakes if needed, I always say "I want happy babies" and I mean it! so I am super relaxed and patient.

When you get to me I want you not to have to worry about your child behavior I will deal with that part, I want to capture your child they way they are, I want them to have fun and laugh!

Now if your little one doesn't laugh or smile much: IT'S OK!! yes! When we create memories the best ones are the natural ones!

I have 3 kids myself one of them is a toddler so I know how toddlers act and I love working with them!


Tell your child you are going to have a evening family special time and that you all with meet with a lady that will join you to create memories and have some fun with you!

I want to capture your child or teen they way they really are! so when you get to me I will introduce myself and have a little of a chat with your kids! I love to get to know them, and see what they like, how they feel about pictures and I want to assure them it will be fun and they can be themselves!

When creating memories they don't have to worry about looking at the camera or smiling all the time, while I will try and get some of those shoots, my main focus is to capture your family the way you are!

A great way to make everyone feel comfortable is to prepare jokes and stories to tell the kids and teens while taking the pictures! don't be afraid to be silly, in fact that's what it will make your experience awesome!!

Karolina Lym

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