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Free ways to save cellphone photos so you don't loose them!

Are you the kind of person that loves taking photos with your cellphone just to later loose them all when your phone dies?

Trust me this has happened to me many times, as you can imagine I don't carry my professional camera with me everywhere I go, but I do have my cellphone with me all the time. And yes I take tons of photos of my kids with my phone, why?? Because life happens fast and I am all about capturing every special moment profesional or not!.

Yesterday talking to a friend she was trying to free up some space on her phone and by accident she deleted all her photos! And she lost birthday photos and all kind of special images she had, so I decided that enough is enough and to help you prevent this from happening to you here are apps and ideas on how you can store your images for free.

My first favorite way is to download Dropbox app into my phone, they have a lot of space free for you to save tons of photos and the cool thing about them is that it connects with your phone and does it automatically if you choose that setting so if you loose your phone for any reason your images will always be at

There are also other apps that do the same exact thing, for example Google photo, icloud, and Amazon photos (if you have an Amazon subscription that is)

But these apps sometimes have a limit of free space and I have found less conventional ways to store images that are important only to my heart.

If you have a Facebook account you can create an album and if you don't want to share this images with the world you can set it to private and nobody will see the photos but you!!

Instagram is another amazing way you can create a private account and if you wish to not add anyone since is private you can do that!

This are just some ideas, there are tons if other free ways just like the ones mentioned above for you to save those images.

And last but not least, print your photos! There are apps like freeprints that give you a ton of free photo prints every month!!

Don't wait to back them up, do it now before they are lost forever!!

Photos are one thing that we can't recreate even if we try it would never be the same and most of the time they have sentimental value to all of us so think ahead and be prepared is the way to not loose them!!

Karolina Lym Dickinson ND Photographer.

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