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Booking a ‘stress-free’ wedding photographer

Written By: Jackie Jahfetson

Karolina Lym North Dakota Wedding Photographer

As June peaks around the corner, wedding season is on the rise for summer, fall and winter. Despite it being one of the biggest days in a person’s life, Karolina is all about making weddings stress-free. As you’re looking at booking that wedding photographer, take a look at what Karolina Lym Photography has to offer to make your wedding exquisite.

How to plan for your wedding photos

When you have a consultation with your wedding photographer, be sure to ask what the process is. At Karolina Lym Photography, she likes to get with the bride and groom to go over what the process looks like. Karolina will sit down with the brides, talking about the wedding plans from the amount of guests to whether there will be a party bus for the wedding party. From there, Karolina loves to create a timeline that will fit into the package that the couple will choose with the hours that they want. This helps to ensure, step-by-step, that the wedding will be documented with timeliness and preparedness.

In Karolina’s words, on the wedding day, it’s important for the brides and grooms to be stress-free. With a plan in place, Karolina will know what comes after each event from walking down the aisle to cutting the cake. A timeline makes everyone feel a lot more comfortable.

Karolina also creates a list with her brides that details what combination of photos they’re wanting. For example, if the bride wants a shot with their grandpa and grandma, Karolina will make sure those group pictures are on the list. Then, what she likes to do is create a copy of the list for herself and then will ask someone who really knows the family to help gather those family members when they’re needed for photos. The main goal is to get all the shots the bride and groom want, but also to save some time, because extra time on wedding day is gold!

Another thing Karolina likes to do is have the brides create a Pinterest board that can be shared with her, so they can brainstorm what shots they want before their wedding day. This also helps Karolina pick up what style the bride is going for.

When booking a wedding with Karolina, she also likes to get to know her brides on a personal level, by knowing which communication style works best during the planning process — over the phone, text messaging, in person, etc. That way, on wedding day, Karolina will act more as a follower of the bride rather than bugging her with questions, because she’ll have a game plan in place. This also helps Karolina observe her surroundings during the wedding and take candid photos that will be treasured for many years to come.

However, Karolina does communicate with her brides to let them know where she will be at all times throughout the big day. Whether it’s stepping off to the side to take a video shot or making a bathroom stop, Karolina doesn’t want to miss anything that’s vitally important for the bride and groom.

What happens after the wedding?

Though each photographer is different, Karolina will create an online gallery of the photos that she will share with the bride and groom with two to three images available to view that very night. Following the wedding, Karolina will work continuously for the next few nights, editing and uploading new photos to the gallery.

Karolina will also go over the timeline for how long it will take for the married couple to see their pictures in full. This provides a feeling of security for the couple. Again, communication is so key and is something that Karolina strives to achieve so that the wedding and what comes after goes smoothly for everyone.

Images below are from a recent wedding located in Medora North Dakota

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