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A Tour of Karolina’s New Studio

By: Jackie Jahfetson

Tucked away in a little community they call New Hradec, a building that once housed boarding students now captures timeless moments by photographer Karolina Lym. Though the photographer was located in the heart of downtown Dickinson for four years in two different studios, she has spent three years planning and finally renovating the old school, painting her final touches that have become her new studio. But she hasn’t gone far; Karolina’s new studio is still located in Dickinson in a fellow neighborhood.

Recently, I had the privilege of visiting Karolina‘s new workspace, and it was inspiring to see how her hard work has paid off. Walking up to the front steps, you wouldn’t believe a building with white French doors would exist amongst the sunflower and wheat fields that surround the small southwest North Dakota community that was founded in 1887 by Bohemian immigrants. Her new studio resembles something you might spot more often in a suburb. Yet, it’s here… just 12 miles northwest of Dickinson.

As you enter her new studio, Karolina has tamed the boarding school hallways with pieces of comfort from decorative leafy plants, a boho wicker chair to a classic burgundy wing chair resting in the corners. Portraits by Karolina canvas the white walls.

Making your way up the stairs, you’ll find a welcoming spot for those who are ready to check in for their photoshoot session. Currently, Karolina has two rooms for guests — the main portrait room for families or those looking for a professional headshot and the other room for newborn/baby sessions. Her former studio was just as cute and quaint, but the new location offers so much additional space and even more natural lighting from the old school windows.

Inside the baby room, Karolina has countless baby outfits hung on the wall for guests to choose from, including little bonnets, floral headbands, and tutu skirts. Recliner chairs sit in the middle of the room for parents looking to lighten the load while Karolina works her magic. A safari backdrop for a 2-year-old is just one of the many scenes she can create for your toddler.

The main portrait room — a favorite spot of Karolina’s — has everything one would want from a professional, yet inviting studio. She has carefully selected pieces of art and furniture throughout the years to make a photoshoot come to life like you’re just sitting in someone’s living room. Themes range from boho, vintage to modern. For those looking for a professional headshot, she has more than a few backdrops that people can work with.

If you have yet to book a session with Karolina, now is the time! Her new studio is simply more than just a new workplace; it’s a vision. You can be whoever you want to be at Karolina Lym Photography. She’s spent years cultivating her skillset and now with a much larger space to work with, she is ready to take on more clients and capture timeless photos. Whether you’re looking to book a family photoshoot or you’re just turning 30, Karolina has something for everyone. Make the journey to New Hradec to check out her new studio and book your session today!

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