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Why hire a Wedding Photographer?

I’ve been thinking about this topic for a long time.

Why this topic came to my head? The reason why is because I’ve had some wedding consultations where the brides have expressed to me that they were thinking about having a friend a cousin or an uncle do their wedding pictures and I thought this is the biggest mistake that you could make in your life! Would you have your friend, cousin or uncle perform a surgery on you without being a surgeon?

First I want to talk about my personal experience 12 years ago when I got married I made the decision to have my mom take my wedding pictures and of course my mom is not a wedding photographer or a photographer at all just a person that likes taking pictures and has a camera.

Now, 12 years later I look at my wedding pictures and I don’t have a single picture that I can hang on my wall and feel proud of it even though I’m really grateful for my mom taking those pictures for us.

Sometimes during wedding consultations I realize most brides make the decision of hiring a wedding photographer based on a budget number, not on style or thinking of future memories as a number one priority.

Well it’s true that today’s economy it’s a little hard and you may have to stay within a budget, you know what is best for your situation but it’s also good to find a photographer that fits your style, needs and that bonds with you to make your experience unique.

Personally I work with anybody’s budget And I have created a different packages that can help you get what you want and stay within budget, I also offer payment plans to help you afford my prices.

It is so important that you have the photographer that it’s closer to your vision and style as possible. You may wonder why is this so important? Well, because in the future when you are ready to look back at those memories or print them you want to ensure that it was captured as magical and wonderful as the moment was, that you are not having to explain how special that moment was but can show it.

Photography should be be able to convey feeling and capture a moment! Believe me it’s well worth it to have a professional take your pictures you will never regret it!.

Karolina Lym

North Dakota Wedding Photographer

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