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Traditional posed photography vs Lifestyle directed

I have always been fascinated by looking at my ancestors pictures, my grandma used to show me a big collection that she had of her family, friends and neighbors. I always asked for her to tell me how their personalities were since I could not tell by looking at the old photos (I didn't have the pleasure of meeting any of them), they didn’t smile or make any emotions the just stood there for the picture. She would tell me all their stories and I just loved it I felt like I knew them!I had a connection with those people even tho I never met them! I find that this is how my passion for capturing emotions and personalities started.

I have been asked many times if I take the traditional shots of everyone smiling and looking at the camera, and the answer is yes, you may wonder why you don’t see that on my portfolio, it’s simple I don’t want clients to come to me for traditional shots In which they are not themselves.

Why don’t I post these shots to my portfolio? Because I feel that it doesn’t represent emotions, on a posed photo-shoot people are just a smiley face no feelings, no emotions, no personality and with time I have realized that I want you to come to me to record emotions so in the future as your family grows others can see more than a smile on your face. My goal is to create an art peace that you will look on your wall and remember what you felt at the moment it was taken.

I photograph emotions and personalities! Often I tell my clients to not worry about me being around to tell a joke play and have fun! while I will take some of the traditional shots for grandma to hang on the wall this new generation is different, we want to capture people as they are in their true essence.

North Dakota Family Photographer

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