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Tips on how to secure the right Wedding Photographer for you

Brides, what an exciting time in your life! You found the perfect man you want to spend your life with and are now planning a wedding. It may seem a little stressful and overwhelming in the beginning but I assure you this time will go by quickly. In the process, there are a few tips I want to help you with when it comes to securing your photographer.

1-Make sure they are reliable, look on their website and social media outlets, read their reviews and see how long they have been in business for. Do your research. After all, this day is special and you want that special photographer to capture all your heartfelt moments and emotions.

2-Once you find your photographer there is a contract that must be signed via link or portal. After signing it’s important to have that contract in your own personal files or a hard copy that won't get lost. It provides that extra step of security.

Here at Karolina Lym Photography we ensure the best. What makes us unique is our speedy turnaround time and ability to view your still shots as we edit. We want you alongside us, after all this is your day. A link is provided on the day of your wedding so you can see each image as we finish them. These images are available to download before you receive your USB.

One of the perks about being a small business is the fact that we build a relationship with each one of you. We at Karolina Lym Photography strive to be the best. You invest so much time in planning your wedding it is essential that your photography needs and wishes are achieved throughout every step of your big day

3- Ask all the questions when you meet for your wedding consultation. Don't be afraid or feel like you have too many questions, you don't all your questions are valid!

4- Read reviews: Yes, read reviews because it's important that the person or company you are hiring has approval ratings from others and that takes us to our next point that is: look at the person's portfolio.

5- Look at the company or photographer's portfolio, this is one of the most important things!

Making sure that the portfolio fits your style it's important so you know the person you are hiring is the best fit for you.

6- Last but not least, keep in contact with your photographer, talk to them once in a while to make sure everything is still as planned.

With these notes in mind we hope that you contact us today to schedule the first of many photography sessions. If you need help or have questions feel free to contact us!

Karolina Lym

North Dakota, Wedding Photographer

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