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The Importance of Photography in our lives

“We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us”


Sometimes, we all have this question: what is the Importance of photography in our lives? Why do we always have to capture every little moment in our cameras?

In this article, I will share some reasons that why I think photography matters!

Photography is all about capturing moments and emotions! From your childhood pictures to your wedding pictures to your grandchild pictures, we can capture every memory. We can cherish those memories for a lifetime in the form of photographs!

Let’s explore the reasons!

#1 Friends And Family

Just imagine you are sitting alone and missing your friends and family. You take out the photo album and bang! All lovely memories are back in just a single glimpse. Photos will take you in those moments visually, and you can relive them. What a warm feeling it is!

#2 To Remember Good Old Times

It is effortless to remember bad old days or events. But what about the happy times? Photos that are taken in those happy, joyful times will tilt your memory toward those good moments you’ve had at that time.

For example: While looking at your engagement pictures, all those moments of fun and love will revive back you had while shooting for your engagement shoot!

3 Precious Moments

Just imagine one day you bring your newborn home for the first time, and the next moment he/she is asking for college admission. How quickly life passes. We cannot freeze those moments, but we can capture such special moments in the form of photographs and relive them again and again!

#4 Give You Hope

Have you ever notice that looking back at your old photos brings back all those emotions? It happens because photos evoke emotions. That is the power of photos. If you are feeling down or going through a dark phase of your life for some reason, your old photos will help you in bringing back that energy you have at that time!

#5 Photography Is About Your Life Journey

From your childhood pictures to your high school graduation ceremony pictures, engagement and wedding day pictures to your child’s first day at home pictures to your becoming grandparent pictures, every little memory of your life can be saved and preserved.

You can show the different stages of your life to your grandchildren to carry your family’s legacy.

Photography is a beautiful form of art to relive your precious moments and enjoy them again. It is a great way to tell your life stories, achievements, childhood, and whatnot! And that’s why photography is essential in our lives.

Dickinson, North Dakota Photographer

Karolina Lym, Certified Photoghrapher and proud member of PPA

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