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The Importance of Family Photography 

As a mother and wife myself I see this with a high importance level in my life.

I look at my kids and realize how fast time goes by! My oldest is 10 already and even tho I try to spend the most time with them I realize there are many things that we will forget, and my baby is no longer a baby but a pre teen! I remember her tiny hands and the way she used to pronounce some words that now are pronounced correctly. Where has time gone??? Have you ever stop and look around and want to keep that moment forever? Yes, this happens to me constantly!

And this is why family photography is so important in my day to day not just for special occasions like a birthday or a wedding but it's so amazing to be able to capture their faces their emotions each year as much as you can!

It felt like she was born yesterday and now I tell her stories of when she was little, it's just crazy because to me this just happened, but to her this happened years ago... you know what I mean? Kids see the world a little different than we do.

My advice to you as a photographer is take as many photos of your family as you can, but also print those images! The power of printing is amazing and by having yearly albums is another way to create a moment and sit with your family to tell them stories of when they were little and the things you did together!

Don't wait for another day or another year to do it because we don't know what tomorrow is going to he like or even if there will be a tomorrow, today is when we are able to do it and today should be when you do it!

I know some people see professional photography as a luxury, and part of it may be, now the way I see it, is as a moment that you can just enjoy have fun and play with your kids while I make sure to capture that for you!

Karolina Lym

Dickinson ND Family Photographer

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