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Senior Photography Tips

Most seniors plan their photos for a long time, and I find that most already know in their heart what they want and how they want it to look! that always amazes me! But sometimes, you don't plan it because you feel shy or is simply photos are not something you think about.

Here are some tips for you even if you already have it all planned!

Tip 1:

Plan your outfits around what you want those images to say about you! for example have a dream dress if you are a girl or a suit that makes you feel like 100 bucks!

Have an outfit that best describes your personality, all though you can plan a ton of outfits and wear them all, think of them as representation of you.

Tip 2:

Be prepared to be yourself, don't think of the camera and how you would look, that the job for me the photographer, think of yourself and the feeling you want to convay.

Tip 3:

If you HATE photos and you are doing this for mom, trust me you are not doing it for her, you are doing it for the future you! right now it photos may not be something you care about, but with time you will want to see how you looked like. Remember we never really take photos for us when we don't like them, we do it for the future.

Tip 4:

Bring your best emotional support person to the session, yes you are welcome to bring mom, but if you feel that your BFF is the person that makes you feel the happiest at the moment, then invite that person to come along and make you laugh! I find that when teens bring their best friend along they have way more fun.

Tips 5:

Location should also represent you, for example, if you like hunting we could use a field and even photograph you shooting, but if you are a city person that likes going to a cafe then we can go to a cafe! don't limit yourself.

The most important thing overall is to enjoy the session and not worry about the other side of the camera that is my job I will show you how amazing you are!

Karolina Lym, Dickinson ND Senior Photographer

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