Can you believe it?? We are at the end of 2019 already!!

I have to say, that I can't believe how amazing this year has been for me! Let me resume you a little,

I have been able to photography over 20 weddings, later on I had the opportunity to work with Google, amazing boutiques in town and moved to a little studio, now I moved to my own studio where is big and amazing located in Downton Dickinson.

I can't wait to see what 2020 has for us and I wish you all the best thank you for being amazing that's really what I wish to say!

Favorite number 10

It was super cold but this wedding was so amazing and they were troopers! What you don't know it's how cold it was and how windy!!!

Favorite number 9

This was during the photoshoot with GG's Boutique, this actually was not even my idea but theirs and I love how it turned out! I lived when people share their ideas during photoshoots!

Favorite number 8

Well... he is a cute, but apart from that, he was hours new! I enjoy so much being able to come to the hospital, where is a super intimate thing for parents to allow a photographer to come, and spending a little of time with them and their baby.

Favorite number 7

The Alonso family, we went all the way to the badlands and they are just so much fun always! I love when people are ready to have fun during a photoshoot! I enjoy them so much! I felt in love with this image cause it represents them! I even sent them a canvas of this image!

Favorite number 6

You probably have seen this image a million times! Let me tell you why is one of my favorites, I love the image itself but, I saw Dani struggle worrying cause she had planned her wedding for so long and it was raining and cold on a summer day, when the wedding came it was amazing and even tho it rained a little it was beautiful, this picture is of them after the wedding going back to their reception. I can see here they were so happy and reviled of their worries ready to have fun and happily married!

Favorite number 5

This image was the end of an amazing wedding! But also amazing to me because what you don't know is that it was 6pm during the summer, and as you know at that time during the summer there is a lot of daylight!

Favorite number 4