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Local Army Sargent First Class surprises daughters at their school with his come back

On February 10th, I meet with Amber and Charles Knetter, they have been my clients for a long time and we have created a connection, so when they reach out to me for this surprise I was all in!

Sargent Chuck has been serving our country with the US Army in the Middle East for approximate 10 months, he was able to make his return to his family and Amber his wife had the idea of surprising their children at each of their schools with dad's come back!

We meet at the Dickinson Middle School parking lot early in the morning to surprise their oldest daughter with his dad return. She didn’t have a clue that this would happen!

Her mom told her girls that dad would be back home the earliest in March!

To play this surprise mom told the girls that she was going to be presenting information on health for each class since is something she does for her job.

We showed up to the school and the Dickinson Middle School was equally excited to help and to see the reactions to follow!

We all headed to the classroom leaving dad behind waiting for his grand entrance as "a special guest" that mom was supposed to have coming for extra help with her presentation.

Let me show you what happened when the "special guest" entered the room.

We were all emotional as you can imagine! and of course it took a minute to digest the situation, his daughter was crying and asking him all kinds of questions.

After all the celebration and emotions we headed to Jefferson Elementary school to surprise their middle daughter.

Again we were welcomed by the office stuff and teacher, we played the same presentation idea about Health, the kids participated in answering questions about healthy habits not knowing again that this special guest was extra special!

Well, she made us cry again hahaha, I can tell you that everyone got super emotional as expected!

Last but not least we headed to the Little Fish Daycare center to surprise his youngest daughter that is not even 2 years old!

We all expected her not to recognize dad or take a few minutes to understand what was going on but, we were in for a surprise.

She walked right to dad and asked him to pick her up, she didn’t say one word but her face was all smiles! and no, she didn't want dad to place her back down!

Let me show you!

This was for sure a emotional day for all of us present, needless to say such an honor to capture this special moment.

And to Army Sargent First class and Bradley Fighting vehicle commander we welcome you back to North Dakota and to your country. We are more than grateful for your service.

Written and photography by Karolina Lym

Dickinson ND Photographer

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