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How to Prepare for your Family Session

North Dakota Family Photographer

We all get so excited about getting ready for our family session and having everyone together that sometimes we forget to ask how to prepare for such special moment.

The first thing I would like to tell you is: relax! what?? yes, relax! Let me explain why, I love for you to feel yourself and to let all your worries out the door when you come to the session, after planing outfits, getting hair, makeup done and helping all the family members get ready is normal for you to feel exhausted and anxious by the time the session starts, so when you get to me relax and enjoy the time we spend together, I will take it from there.

I would love for you to tell your family members if they are little ones that the session day is a special day, if you prepare them this way they will also be exited, let them know that while we do pictures I will love for them lo laugh, play and to be themselves, it will be a moment to enjoy and to embrace each other.

Sometimes with little ones when moms say "pictures" all they hear is "boring" and they assume is going to be to sit there and smile for a long time without being able to do anything else. While we will do a couple of those kind of images, I will want you to let them know that they will enjoy the session, I will make you tickle your kids, kiss them, hug them, and love them! its a special family time to show where you will show love for one another and to just be the amazing family that you are!

I will be there to document the special bond you have with your family, I will direct you on what to do so that you look amazing and you won't feel lost at any point just like the sessions I will be sharing on the images below!

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