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Frequently Asked Questions, Karolina Answers

Written By: Jackie Jahfetson

Now that the season of love has unfolded and winter is nearing its center, gathering up the family for that iconic 2022 photo couldn’t be more ideal. Though family pictures may be a process, Karolina makes it easy, flawless and fun — for everyone. But before booking that session, Karolina answers some of your most frequented questions.

Q: What’s the perfect time of day for a photo shoot?

A: Despite what you might think, any time of the day works for a photo session. With Karolina’s years of experience, it doesn’t matter what time of the day your photo session lands in the studio; the look will always be the same. Using a strobe light, Karolina is able to capture that natural look you’re going for.

Q: When should I book a family photo shoot?

A: The time of season to book all depends on what you’re striving for — a spring, summer, fall or winter look. And in North Dakota, the time of season does not always present the ultimate weather. For spring, the best time for outdoor sessions is May and June. For summer, the earlier you schedule a photo session, the better because it’s one of the busiest times of year for Karolina with weddings, families and graduation pictures.Summer months almost begin to heat up toward July and August, so June is more ideal for a comfortable photo session with your family if you don’t care for heat.

If you’re going for a fall look and outdoors, keep in mind that North Dakota falls are different from falls across the United States. On the Western Edge, fall is faint and hit and miss at times. Typically, you’ll want to schedule a session during the first two weeks in September.

Q: Why is it important to book with Karolina for my newborn?

A: Newborns are, no doubt, fragile. So choosing the right photographer to capture your new baby’s portraits is highly crucial for not only the quality of the pictures, but the safety of your little one. If you’re looking for a cheap photo session with a photographer who is inexperienced, you don’t have to look far. But don’t you want to frame your baby’s first pictures on the wall? Of course, you will!

Being trained and specialized in newborn photography, Karolina comes across more and more moms who are just looking for a “cheap pic,” but they’re not thinking of the dangers they’re putting their newborns in. Training in newborn photography first requires one to be a photographer and understanding the concepts of light and every button on a higher end camera.

With newborns, you also have to know how to pose them in a safe way because they are delicate little bodies who still feel like they’re in their mother’s womb during the first few days of their existence on Earth. There are many poses that Karolina uses for her newborn shots, that if a photographer doesn’t know what they’re doing, they could be putting your baby in danger. Babies also like to be comfortable; this is something Karolina strives for with each newborn she works with — a comfy baby means happy mom.

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