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An evening shoot in North Dakota

If you live in North Dakota you know that the word “fall” means mild winter, yes!

I had a shoot planed for yesterday evening, in my mind I wanted to shoot a beautiful sunset, my client was excited and I was super excited, but then.... I realized all day had been overcast.

Normally I love having sessions when is overcast so that there are no shadows, but yesterday was different, I wanted to give my client that amazing sunset I knew she had in mind...

Time for the session came and we meet, a beautiful girl named Kara, and there we went...

I started the photo-shoot as soon as I could, it was starting to get dark... when we were done and talking about trying maybe another day to catch the sunset, all of the sudden there it was!! the sunset was right in front of us!!

Our spirits lifted and we decided to do it!

Kara was running and laughing it was so much fun and so amazing to be able to accomplish what we both had pictured in our minds.

And here I leave you with the images before the sunset and after!

Karolina Lym


Dickinson ND/Senior/Photographer

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