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Chances are that if you are planning a wedding this is your first time, as a wedding photographer I have been to lots and lots of weddings so I would love to help you with some advise that hopefully you find helpful!

First advise is to try and find a friend or a family member that can help you take care of things on your wedding day, for example: ask a friend to bring the bouquets, to make sure the groomsman get their boutonnieres.

Sometimes its hard for us to ask for help since we want to make sure everything is taking cared correctly and normally we like to oversee those things, but trust me if you ask for help and give a task to a person you trust they will be more than happy to help you!

If you are in charge of decorating, ask the venue to let you decorate the day before the Wedding, if you forget something at home or realized you need more of something you will still have time to go and get it and not have to run the last minute.

If children will attend your wedding, plan something for them to do, for example: the dollar store has coloring books and color pencils that will help them keep busy and not be loud during your ceremony, I have also seen in some weddings a kid corner, what is that you may wonder?, let me explain, you can choose a corner and maybe add a baby gate with toys for them to play and parents would love you for this, also you can appoint a person to watch over the kids during the reception.If you have children of your own, always ask a trusted person to be in charge of them so you can enjoy your day without worrying.

If you have children of your own, always ask a trusted person to be in charge of them so you can enjoy your day without worrying.

Is your wedding going to be outdoors? if so, blankets and umbrellas should always be on your list, while your ceremony may be only 15 minutes long, chances are people will be there before and would love you for having thought of them, plus it will wow them, no many brides plan for their guest, cause yes, you are worry about everything else, just get a basket or a table together where you can get this things for your guest, again a flannel blanket you can find at a thrift shop or just cut fabric at Walmart! 1 yarn would be plenty!

Hope this tips help you on your wedding planning if you have comments or questions leave them below!

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