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7 Tips and tricks on how to feel and look amazing on a photoshoot.

This blog is for you mom, friend and women in general. This coming month in May it's going to be Mother's Day and I have decided that this entire month I will make it about you. In this blog I'm going to give you some ideas on how to look and feel amazing at your photoshoot .

As you know I am a photographer, and in the years I have taken photography certifications, I learned a few tricks and tips that I want to share with you, as well as information on things I do at my studio to help you have the best experience ever.

Tell me if you are like me but, let me tell you that I am one of those people that don't usually get their picture taken because I feel like that I need to lose weight, sometimes I feel old and that I need to wait for the perfect moment, like the ones on the movies.

It's not secret I have issues like everyone else so I keep putting it the photoshoot with my family off.

If you identify with this let me know in the comments below!

What I have I discovered that changed this for me? Let me share with you!!

Recently I notice that my oldest child is not longer a child but a pre teen, and this is my first baby, how did this happened? and I sat down and counted how many photos do I have with her? can you guess how many?

5, yes in 12 years 5! this is sad, so I sat down and thought about why? and the answer is the one I told you earlier, so I decided to change this and I also want to share with you, because our babies are babies for a short period of time, and because the perfect moment is now, and not later when there is no longer time.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you feel and look better if you choose to no longer put it off:

First of all when you are planning your photoshoot in my studio I have a style guide that will help you choose your outfits and your family's.

FUN FACT: Did you know that if you loose or gain 10lbs, you are not able to see a difference in a professional photoshoot??

1-When picking outfits, first pick your own outfit! NO THE KIDS OR HUSBAND FIRST! why? because if you don't feel amazing, then nobody else will, and if you don't like the photos, is a lost session.

2-Pick a color that speaks to your personality, (I normally pick black or white for me cause those are my colors)

3- Should you wear patterns or logos? NO! if you feel you have some extra pounds patterns will make you look heavier. And logos never make an outfit look elegant.

4- If you love dresses or skirts then wear them! but if you are not a formal person or don't feel comfortable wearing them then don't! just as simple!

5- if you love jeans, wear them! just as a suggestion wear a blouse on top that is casual and you will be dressed up!

6- if you wear tight pants or jeans I suggest a less tight top, and if you wear a loose bottom wear a tight top with a little cardigan to cover the unwanted.

7- shoes: no sport shoes or crocs that is!

Now is time to pick your family's outfit, so now you have your base and you know you will love this base so the best is to choose colors that go with yours, example if I wear black I would look for colors that match with black, NO MATCHING!!! people confuse coordinating with matching and those are different things!

So you can choose to have one member of the family to wear a pattern dress or shirt, while the others can wear solid or textured outfits, always in the same color palate.

Last but not least we offer hair and make up at the studio, done by a professional, this not complementary but you can schedule it right before your session.

Think of yourself and love yourself the way you NOW are! you are a warrior and a person your kids look up to!

Remember that we teach by example! and is time you enjoy life the way you are, because guess what? you really only have one life to live and sadly it goes by too fast when we are busy taking care of everyone else!

CHANGE YOUR MIND! we have that power in us! everything is the way you look at it, live a little!

Here is a photo I took at my studio of my kids and me to celebrate mother's day!

PS: this is my Boho Dream set up for Mother's day 2021.

Karolina Lym

Dickinson ND Photographer

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Karolina Lym
Karolina Lym
01 abr 2021

Thanks for sharing! That is still one of my favorites images in all honesty! I can see the connection you guys have!

Me gusta

Hit the nail on the head with me. The last photo I truly have loved and felt confident in with Arriauna was summer 2017...and you took it. Too long for sure.

Me gusta
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