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5 Tips for couples that will get married in Dickinson North Dakota

f you are thinking of getting married in Dickinson, here are some tips that will help you save time and money when planning your wedding!

We all love to have a stress free wedding and also perfect so that's why I have created a list of tips just for you:

Tip number 1: Right when you are thinking about getting engaged is the time to start looking for all the professionals that will make your wedding perfect, and of course a Wedding Photographer should be number one in your list, why? well, in my case I include Engagement Photos in all my wedding packages, just by booking a Wedding Package with me you will save a lot of money from the start, plus finding a Photographer that fits your style from day one will help you feel confident!

Tip number 2: Your Wedding Venue should be number 2! if you wonder why, let me explain: Dickinson is a super small town, and all tho we have amazing wedding venues they book really fast!

Let me help you out by naming some of my favorite venues around and that you should for sure check out!

St Anthony's Club for example is small but intimate and they also offer catering service!

Wix Barn and Lodge are located in Richardton which is just 2 exists east of Dickinson they are a big western style venue, and also offer lodging for you and your wedding party.

Tip number 3: Hire a professional Decorator, if you want everything to be done the way you dreamed off this is the best way to do it! It will help you and you family not have the stress of having to decorate a wedding decorating, if you have never done it before it can be super overwhelming and in most cases it ends up being like grandma or your aunt wanted and not what you had in mind, don't get me wrong having help from family members is amazing but at times it can be a little complicated! Find a person that can follow your vision on what you have in mind.

Tip number 4: Hire a Florist, they will be able to help you will colors and getting all the flowers you will need for your wedding fresh for that special day is a job that not everyone can do specially in Dickinson were mostly you would have to order them from far away.

Here is one of my favorites Decorators and she is also a Florist! all in one check out The Life of the Party.

Tip number 5: Where do I find a fashionable Wedding Dress ind Dickinson??? Looking for a dress that is amazing its not an easy task I know! but here in town we have an amazing Consignment Store that carries the most beautiful Wedding dresses to a affordable price, wait what?? yes!! Visit GG's I promise you won't be disappointed! Plus if you buy your dress with her you will for sure get an Engagement Session with me for Free!! yes FREE, I mean how much better can this get?

If you have any tips that you would like to add or any comments please leave them below!

Karolina Lym

Dickinson ND Wedding Photographer

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