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5 Must Have Newborn Products

All tho I specialize in newborn photography in Dickinson ND, I find that one of the most common conversations I have with moms when in the studio is recommendation for products that would make your life easier when having a baby.

So I decided to put a list of my personal favorite products together for you!

Number 1 on my list is the Mory June bag/ bassinet. If you haven't seen this amazing product it's a must have! You would have a diaper bag and a bassist to take with you anywhere you go plus the styles are lovely.

Number 2 is the famous Baby Shoosher

What this product does is, it produces white noise or heart beat sound that reminds babies of when they were in mommy's belly, and trust me it calms them down and helps them fall a sleep much faster!!! We use this at the studio with all the babies and it's wonderful.

Number 3 product would be a plain old simple yoga ball, here is a link to the one I recommend: here, but any would work!

When your baby is colicky or just not calming down the best thing is to sit on the yoga ball and bounce slowly up and down, it helps them so much that normally they call down or even fall asleep quickly.

Number 4 I remember when I had my first child not being able to sleep worrying that she may stop breathing or that something could go wrong during the night, by the time I had my 3rd child this product saved my nights and my baby's life literally, the Owlette Monitor, has a sock that you put on your baby's foot at night and it connects remotely to your phone and even has an alarm on baby's room, if baby's oxygen levels drop it lets you know right away! It also monitors a lot of other things that make you fall in love with it.

Number 5 When it comes to bath time, it's sometimes a little hard to maneuver a wet baby, this Angelcare Bathtub I find it to be easy and safe to place baby in without having to be worried about baby falling in when wet!

Let me know if you have tried some of these and which one is your favorite!

Dickinson ND Newborn Photographer.

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